Beauty tips and secrets – finally broken

Have you ever wonders “wish I looked that great”… well ladies please don’t!!! as you are wonderful and have been created the way you are.

Don’t let those negative and yuk thoughts come to your mind. Feeling great in your skin is the biggest investment you will ever have and never let anyone strip that away from you with some of the following beauty secrets and tips up your sleeve.

Taking care of your body doesn’t mean you need to be wearing makes up or spend endless hours at the salon to look like a model, having the right secrets and tips just means you are giving your body the time and effort it 100% deserves, to treat yourself.

If you are ready to show off what you have to offer and break your silence… then please read on!

Feeling great in your own skin

There is nothing sexier than feeling great in your own skin.

The biggest secret to having beautiful, youthful skin is drinking plenty of water. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. Like any other organ our skin is also made up of cells like other organs, and cells are made up of water. In order for our organs to function property we need water. So keep hydrated.

With low hydration you skin may feel dry, tight, flaky and this is what we don’t want as dry skin is less resilient and is more prone to wrinkles.

With lots of water in your system, its also good to keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer. I personally prefer one that has got some sort of SPF as our strong sun can cause some damage to our beautiful bodies and we don’t need that.

Taking care of your body is the best way to feel great. Get regular sleep 7-8 hr a night. Take good care of your personally hygiene. If your feeling tired or a bit sluggish take a nice long relaxing bath.

Breaking the silence

Firstly you have to have a positive mind and say to your self that “YES, I can do it”.

Every morning when you wake up, say to yourself, “I look great”. Each morning is a new day, yesterday is forgotten, try not to think about yesterday as that is something you will never be able to change, its just not in our power.

Do your morning routine, before you walk out the door to go on about your day, look yourself in the mirror and say “lets do this and win” making sure this is done with a smile. Anyone who has a smile on their face is automatically attracted to you as its infectious and glows and makes the next person feel good within.

Try to stay on course throughout the day. If you need to; stop and take a breath and repeat the positive words you had said to yourself in the morning and before you left your house :”I will do this, I look great” and “lets do this and win” continue your day with a smile if you can, or at least within inside yourself. Try to find something during the day that makes you happy.

The biggest booster to your inner beauty is always to compliment yourself.

Before you know it your outlook will change dramatically and your silence will be broken, you’ve done it, you look infectiously amazing, it just took some positive reinforcement form yourself for it to come out. Now continue with it, don’t stop, you are your own competition.

Remember your inner beauty comes from your own compliments and positive attitude towards yourself.

Treat yourself

Yes that’s right treat yourself once in a while. Looking after your body doesn’t mean you need to wear makes up or spend endless hours at the salon… I mean you can if you want.

Instead of having a hot shower, switch it over to a hot long relaxing bath with some essential oils or what ever you prefer. Hopefully a bath will relax your mind and body.

If you are the one that hardly wears makes up and would like to but is not confident with it, then treat yourself in buying that special makeup kit, getting your makes up done professionally or take a class about learning how to applying your own makes up and making it look so effortless.

You deserve to treat yourself, but please don’t hurt your pocket or bank account do it responsibility.

Breaking your cycle

Behavioral conditioning is tough and a long process. So please be patient with it and kind to yourself, if you want to feel your inner beauty you will have to stick with it, HECK YEAH! it will be tough but there are plenty of self-help books available and also look up positive quotes online when you feel the drift to get yourself back on course.

Self help books have suggested it takes approx 28 days to break a habit, I’ve got full faith in you that you can do this.


So in conclusion, you don’t need to spend endless hours of your morning in the bathroom applying your makes up, fake tan or what ever it is. Please keep in mind the best version of you comes from within. You are your own beauty.

Have a positive mind set each morning as yesterday is forgotten and you can’t go back in time to change things. Make some time to treat yourself as you deserve it, and of course being responsibly. Wearing make up is not your answer, yes it does lift your confidence and boost self-esteem, but try to boost your confidence and esteem from within first and see how far you will go and what you will achieve without make up. I DEAR YOU

One last thing please keep hydrated as you don’t want wrinkly skin, and it takes approx 28 days to break a habit, self conditioning is a slow process and be kind to yourself!

Happy reading, please comment if you have your own tips or secrets you would like to share about inner beauty, or may have any questions.


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